The hunt is on!

How exciting! This is better than an Agatha Christie novel.

So, the synopsis is that the Heartland Institute are an evil organisation hellbent on creating and spreading disinformation about Climate Change in the hopes of not getting any action done. They are well funded by certain industries that would not benefit from Climate Change action (e.g. Oil companies like Exxon) and oppose it out of fear of losing profits rather than the good of the planet and it’s people.

Now, documents have been leaked and there is a mystery donor who has donated about 13.6 million dollars since 13.7 million since 2007. Who is it?

Could this bring down the global conspiracy at the heart of the Denialist movement and expose it’s advocates as paid up shills of big oil?

p.s. They reckon this is is a genuine leak and the stuff that’s incriminating has been faked. Bull Shenanigans!!!!! Lying Bastards.